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ralph lauren outlet uk Flexor calculation , which is home to spend lonely fourth Mid-Autumn Festival .

Sky blue ink . That one seems to come to the Moon lover hanging in the sky , intimate and unfamiliar . Beauty of the moment , we are scrambling group panoramic view . Say , tonight's monthly child is beautiful, very round . I was sitting alone in the house , for that round moon child , from small to large , I do not know how many met back long lost passion " while scrambling from the concept of " the .

I remember childhood , engraved in ralph lauren outlet uk the minds of Mid-Autumn Festival is at home with a brick paved threshing floor , the village people reunion dinner chairs Zhang moved three thousand three hundred twenty-two sitting together or engaged in small talk or chat , voice muffled , occasionally erupted from the crowd in one place for a laugh or two , but soon disappeared, for fear of undermining the tranquility of this moonlit night . Beat slightly crescent wheat field surrounded a small pond , pond frogs under moonlight bursts , mixed with one after another of cricket sounds. Flat as a mirror , and that a full moon on lying quietly calm water , ralph lauren outlet uk my childhood and small partners Fengpao around the pond , if that round moon children are also followed in our footsteps running up the water no matter which one we went to the corner , followed by monthly child will always go there in a corner until you run dizzy , but I still can run, but on children . So , that round round round moon children exposed smile , quietly laughing at us . Then the big people will love to say: do not run , accidentally fell into the pond.

Mid- night to grow after the whole family sitting in the open-air terrace , the monthly child Seiki sprinkled on the body , but also sprinkled on the surrounding landscape , daytime hustle have disappeared in this overwhelming Silverlit ralph lauren outlet uk , the serene and mysterious bursts heard the familiar sound of frogs calling , I flick the strings holding the next month beloved guitar , piano melodious flowing out from between your fingers , blowing in the night wind , laughing softly, knowing his family together inside . The round silver moon shining reunion night, love writing in mind.

However, the same can not bear to look at the moon tonight I though everybody says is beautiful , but I stubbornly gave up the opportunity to meet with them , just sitting on the front of the TV watching alone that a few old faces in CCTV Mid-Autumn evening emit loud sound.

No, not the face of the full moon azure beauty ralph lauren outlet uk of my indifference , it is not bear recalling the tragic , the moon shines too perfect story tonight Guying my sorrow sad .

Beloved son, really sorry , this should be such a successful month in the night and you Dramas Qiuhua , parting let such a bright moon shining tonight, looking forward to the reunion of two hearts , can not tell how much guilt in the minds of .

Look forward to the next full moon , ralph lauren outlet uk when my back thoughts of luggage, riding on the way home , when month Suisi cold tonight , the heart is over mountains and seas meet .